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League of Legends Recognized as Sport by U.S. Government

Marcus Estrada

Here's something new and exciting for fans of League of Legends. The highly popular MOBA game has tons of players, generates tons of money, and has high-profile contests all the time. Now Riot Games have a wholly different reason to feel proud about their product - it has been recognized by the United States government as a professional sport.


Does this mean we're going to see League of Legends at the Olympics? No, instead, this ruling was done primarily to help the many professional players who travel across countries in order to compete. The new regulation allows pros to get a working visa when competing within the U.S.


With this now in the books for League of Legends it's likely we will see more players able to head to the U.S. for competitions as well as see other popular modern eSports games get the same treatment.

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