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Long Lost Game "Chu-Teng" by Osamu Sato Finally Found

Marcus Estrada

Although you might not be immediately familiar with the name Osamu Sato, you may be aware of at least one of his games. He is the man behind LSD: Dream Emulator. This PS1 title has seen increased relevance in the past few years due to Youtube videos and streams where gamers try to play through the weird and nightmarish worlds that LSD produces.


A lesser amount of fans were aware that Sato's first game was actually something called Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. This title, which released in both Japan and US for PC, was equally as creative. Fans of his work have long since been aware of a game by the name of Chu-Teng ("Chuuten"/中天) but this title was regarded as a mystery.


Despite a fairly intense ring of fans, none had been able to dig up anything about it beyond a cover mockup and some screenshots. That is, until this weekend. Out of nowhere, someone revealed that they had a copy of the game and shared it with others. Since then, a few YouTube videos have gone up showcasing the game in action.


Although this is definitely a niche title, Chu-Teng showcases a time in the 90s that many developers were experimenting with incredibly unusual things in games because they could. In this day in age, we look toward indies for similarly divergent endeavors.


Here is the intro video for Chu-Teng:


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