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Magicka: Wizard Wars Alpha Signup Could Net You a Free Copy of Magicka

Marcus Estrada

Magicka is one incredibly funny and interesting game to play if you have never had the opportunity. Not only does it ooze with wit but it also has an incredibly distinctive control scheme where players cast spells and attacks by stringing together elements in a specific order.


Paradox North has been hard at work creating a more MOBA-like version of the game with Magicka: Wizard Wars and the alpha is just around the corner. You can sign up for free at the official site by creating a Paradox account (or logging in if you already have one). If you're not in a hurry to play the alpha it still might be worth it to sign up.


This is due to the fact that they are hoping to lure in applicants by possibly throwing copies of the original Magicka into the mix. Basically, they are running the alpha a bit like a Kickstarter. When more and more people sign up, more goodies unlock. The first two are weapon unlocks while the third includes 2 extra alpha keys and a Steam copy of Magicka.


If you already own Magicka then you can gift the new one to a friend, as the game is best enjoyed in multiplayer. This reward is locked far away from the rest but it's likely that enough alpha signups for Magicka: Wizard Wars will occur. Just note that signing up right now doesn't grant immediate access but a spot in the queue - which is one reason to register sooner!

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