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Making a Rising Storm Map Could Win You $10,000

Marcus Estrada

Do you dig first person shooters? There“s definitely a lot of fans out there, although many seem determined to stick with just one franchise (such as Call of Duty). Those who expand beyond the more obvious choices have stumbled upon Rising Storm, which is an excellent title released as the next addition to Red Orchestra 2. It“s tough, but addicting for the fans who“ve already discovered it.


If you“re already playing the game, or are interested in it, and also have designed your own game maps before then listen up. Tripwire Interactive has announced the Banzai Community Map Making Competition for Rising Storm. This contest has gone live today and asks for any and all of the community to create and submit their own maps.


What do you get for making the most amazing map? The grand prize totals $10,000. Overall, Tripwire has $25,000 to give out so there are a bunch of cash prizes to be awarded. If you want to enter then try and get a good start on your map by September. On September 3rd it will get submitted to judges so they can give their opinions and feedback on the current status. November 5th is the due date at which point your map should be finished or as close to it as possible. You can read all the details of the contest here.

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