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New Digital Distribution Platform ShinyLoot Launching Soon

Jason Clement

Over the years we've seen a number of digital distributors rise on the PC, most notably starting with Steam and then continuing with Impulse (now owned by Gamestop), Desura, Green Man Gaming, and a few others. Now a new independently-owned player is about to step onto the scene: ShinyLoot.


The big difference between ShinyLoot and others is that they're focused on minimal DRM and DRM-free indie games. In addition, there's no client to download, and the download manager is DRM-free.


ShinyLoot is aiming to launch with at least 250 of its 425+ games on sale during a 6 week long launch event, starting August 26. You can check out the beta right now on www.shinyloot.com.


What do you think of ShinyLoot? Do you think you'll eventually use it?

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