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Not on Steam Sale Brings Attention to Non-Steam Indies

Marcus Estrada

Edit: Here's a fun turn of events! Steam just Greenlight a batch of games today and some of these Not on Steam sale participants are included! That means you'll definitely get a Steam key for certain titles once they launch (if the developer has specified as such).


If you're an independent developer or friends with one then you're likely very aware of how important it can be for a game to make a debut on Steam. The marketplace serves tons of users and almost always will grant more sales than selling direct through their own site. This is in large part because users themselves choose to ignore a game until it comes to Steam.


Those willing to check out games without the convenience of Steam should check out the Not on Steam sale. As the name implies, these are a handful of exciting indie titles that for one reason or another (primarily lack of Greenlight success) aren't on Steam.


Tons of games are available at various discounts. Since many are on Greenlight, they promise to provide Steam keys in the future if they end up on the storefront. Here are a few of the 30+ games:

  • Aces Wild
  • Cute Things Dying Violently
  • I Get This Call Every Day
  • Pushcat
  • Race the Sun
  • Richard & Alice
  • The Sea Will Claim Everything
  • The Yawhg

Are you going to pick up any titles from the Not on Steam sale or, ironically, will you wait until they're on Steam?

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