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Notch No Longer Developing 0x10c

Jason Clement

Those who were greatly anticipating Markus "Notch" Persson's epic, "do anything" space game 0x10c will unfortunately have to look elsewhere for such an experience as the famous Swedish developer has now confirmed that development has ceased and the game is officially dead in the water.


Notch confirmed the news in a blog post on his site earlier today, saying that a lot of his prototypes fail before they get anywhere at all and it seems as if this was one of those tragedies.


"Over time I kinda just stopped working on it, and then eventually decided to mentally file it as “on ice” and try doing some smaller things," Notch wrote. "Turns out, what I love doing is making games. Not hyping games or trying to sell a lot of copies. I just want to experiment and develop and think and tinker and tweak."


He also made mention that some people in the 0x10c community got together to make their own version of the game which they called Project Trillek. Despite realizing that he was not the right person to develop the game, he mentions that a new team with less public interest would be able to make a vastly superior version of the game than he would make.


In the meantime, Notch is turning his attention to smaller game ideas "that can fail," reiterating that he wants to "develop and think and tinker and tweak." He has not stated what project he is currently working on at the moment, but ends the blog by stating that he no longer wants to work on anything big for the meantime.


Are you disappointed that Notch stopped development on 0x10c?

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