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Oculus VR Jam Headed to IndieCade

Marcus Estrada

The Oculus Rift is one incredibly interesting piece of hardware available to PC gamers. Virtual reality seems to really be taking off, at least in the niche audience, as more and more games add Oculus functionality.


In an attempt to get even more games to work with the Oculus Rift SDK, they are hosting a new game jam. Developers will jump into the three week event starting on August 2nd and work to produce functional and fun VR-based games. The titles have to be designed specifically for VR, so this means contestants might have to think outside the box.


On August 25th the contest window closes. After that, winners from each category will be brought into the IndieCade Festival at no charge to get their games showcased. Not only that, but each winner will also receive a tidy sum of $10,000.

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