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On Steam This Week: Brothers, Outlast, and More

Marcus Estrada

It seems like this week is yet another for some highly anticipated games to make their way to the Steam marketplace. We've also got a great smattering of genres represented which means you just might find a new game this week! So, let's get right to it.


Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons was initially console exclusive when it launched last month. The title saw a lot of praise for its interesting story of two young brothers in a platforming/puzzle world. Note that if you buy it the game requires a controller to play. Brothers is available for $14.99.


Next up is Castle of Illusion which is a fancy remake of the original Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. It retains the 2D platformer aesthetics of the Genesis version, but appears to also make some tweaks to the formula. It's also available for $14.99.


Mirror Moon EP is one of the more interesting titles out this week. Set in space, players are primarily tasked with exploring the alien landscapes. Due to the game's distinctive art style things definitely look otherworldly, too. Right now there is a 10% discount, making it $8.99.


Outlast is also out right now! If you can't wait for Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (which is out next week) then this might be worth your time. It is a horror game where you must run and hide from danger while still figuring out what's going on. You can buy it for $19.99.


Many fans have been waiting and now they can finally play Rayman Legends. It is of course available across a multitude of platforms. If you go with PC then luckily it still supports up to 4 player co-op. However, you must use Ubisoft's Uplay. Rayman Legends costs $39.99.


Rise of Flight: Channel Battles Edition may be exciting for aviation buffs. It's a new WWII based flight sim and already includes a fair bit of DLC packs to expand the fleet. The main game is currently discounted to $39.99 but be aware DLC itself is $19-$23 (also on discount).


Strategy lovers have been waiting for Total War: ROME II and it has just debuted. The last time the Total War brand visited Rome was back in 2004, so this sequel has been a long time coming. Although there's no sale, you can buy it now for $59.95.

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