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On Steam This Week: Divekick, Skullgirls, and More

Marcus Estrada

This has been one heck of a week for gamers. Not only have we seen a handful of neat independent titles launch, there have also been some big names on the scene as well. Well, let's get to looking at the list of new games available on Steam this week.


First there is The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. This title has been receiving mixed reviews and takes the XCOM brand into its own direction. Instead of being in a futuristic space landscape you're in the 60s - but still engaging with the game via third-person tactical shooter controls. It is available for $50.


There are two fighting games which were released this week on Steam and the first is Divekick. Iron Galaxy Studio's game is a fighter with only two buttons - dive and kick. With these you can create a handful of combos and fight with a very unusual cast of fighters. You can buy one copy for $9.99 or two for $18.99.


Hate Plus is the latest visual novel from Christine Love which directly connects to her previous title - Analogue: A Hate Story. Of course, you don't actually need to have played that game to enjoy this one but it might be a good idea. It's currently 10% off, making the game $8.99.


Of course, the massive release for this week is none other than Saints Row IV. Taking the role of the US president, you and your partners are free to cause wanton destruction while experiencing trademark Saints Row weirdness. The current price is $49.99 and some $12 worth of DLC is available as well.


Finally, we've got the other fighter of the week which is Skullgirls. Initially a console exclusive, Lab Zero Games' title has generated a very devoted fan following. If you buy it then immediate access is also granted to the first DLC character named Squigly. One copy costs $14.99 but a four pack is available at a discount of $44.99.

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