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On Steam This Week: Guacamelee, Spelunky, and More

Marcus Estrada

Those looking for a great new game to play today are in massive luck because Steam has added a handful to their library during this week. Many of these titles have been long-awaited and with good reason.


First there is Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians which connects action and puzzling gameplay with the beat of background music. Threaks' game might not be all that familiar to you but it has made its way around the indie world. In fact, it has been nominated for and won various awards. Now it is available at 10% off for $13.43.


Next up is Divinity: Dragon Commander which infuses real time strategy with the awesomeness of making dragons fight one another. Both single and multiplayer are included, with multiplayer working via local or online. The game is $39.99 but if you own Divinity II: Director's Cut on Steam you can it at 10% off instead.


Guacamelee! is a game that PSN or XBLA gamers may have already experienced but is now available to PC owners. In fact, we're treated to Guacamelee! Gold Edition which includes all the fancy things associated with Steam (Steam Trading Cards, Workshop Support, etc). For the first week you can buy it at 10% off for $13.49 and get a free copy of Mutant Blobs Attack!


Infected: The Twin Vaccine is next on the list. This is the most "casual" of the releases but it's nice for the library to be rounded out with all types of genres. In any case, this is a hidden object game which takes place during a mysterious outbreak of a new disease. For the first week the game is 15% off which makes it $11.89.


Then we've got Inquisitor which is an independently developed RPG. The three playable classes include paladin, priest, and thief. While hte game can be had for only $8.99, you can pick up the Deluxe Edition for $11.99 which includes two novels, an artbook, and 38 track soundtrack.


The most important release this week to some gamers is the launch of Papers, Please. The title plunges you into the fictional world of Arstotzka where you live your days out as an immigration inspector. It might sound weird but the game has gotten tons of attention because of its strangely addictive nature. You can pick it up for $9.99.


Finally, we've got Spelunky on Steam. No, this is not the original PC game which was free but is instead a port of the enhanced port that came to XBLA. It's a tough 2D exploration game but is a great deal of fun in single or multiplayer. Interested explorers can try it for 10% off ($13.49) this week.



Is there anything you're interested in picking up from Steam this week?

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