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Police Quest Spiritual Successor Precinct Now on Kickstarter

Marcus Estrada

Police Quest megafans already knew that something new by series director Jim Walls was coming, but this is likely a surprise to anyone else. Police Quest was a popular Sierra series which veered away from the fantasy and sci-fi nature of King's Quest and Space Quest. Instead, it honed in on police encounters pulled from real events. Walls himself was involved in California law enforcement at the time which allowed him to bring his expertise into the titles.


Now Walls has returned on Kickstarter to see if there is still a willing audience for the more tactical, realistic side of the police force in games. Precinct will be similar to the Police Quest games in that it will also base encounters on the stories of actual officers. Although Walls is now retired he still obviously has a great deal of interest in busting criminals.


The biggest obstacle Precinct may face is the Kickstarter cost. Before the massive successes, many companies played it safe with low goal ranges. In the case of Precinct, they are asking for $500,000. Maybe the community is there for this game though as it has already made $25,000 on the first day.


Here is a small selection of backer rewards:

  • $30 - Receive digital copy of game
  • $120 - A real piece of game artwork signed by the artist
  • $300 - Hard copy of Special Operations Manual made for the game

Unfortunately, there is no tier which grants a physical copy of the game. The campaign has until August 16th to make its goal. We shall see if Police Quest fans come out in force to support it.

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