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Rise of the Triad Remake Out Now on Steam/GOG

Marcus Estrada

Ludicrous gibs! Rise of The Triad has finally launched! This remake of the 1994 game makes the shooter prettier and more accessible than ever before. Whether you play in single or multiplayer it appears that you'll definitely be having a fun time with the remake.


There are 20 levels in single player as well as a host of multiplayer maps. Steam users can work their way through 100 different Steam achievements as well which seems a rather ridiculous amount but maybe that's fitting for Rise of the Triad. Another Steam-specific feature is the ability to share user created maps with others via Steam Workshop.


Of course, if you'd rather get the game without DRM then you can hop over to GOG instead. For the same price you get the game, 5 track soundtrack sampler, some wallpapers, and concept art. Grabbing Rise of the Triad today from GOG or Steam will cost you $14.99.


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