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Rogue Legacy Available on PC Today

Marcus Estrada

Do you plan to play any games this weekend? Are you possibly lacking any good potential candidates to play? If so, then take a look at Rogue Legacy which just launched today. It's a game independently developed by Cellar Door Games that has been getting a lot of attention lately, and for good reason.


It's basically a roguelike where you explore across a vast, randomly generated castle/dungeon/medieval whatnot as a character. Once that character dies though you take control of one of their descendants. Each has their own traits, both positive and negative, which can change the gameplay experience.


One thing that Rogue Legacy seems to be expertly versed in is humor. For example, there is one trait which causes the character to see in black in white. If you choose them then as long as they're alive you'll be treated to playing the game in black and white. There are a great number of these game-altering traits, many of which are unexpectedly hilarious.


Rogue Legacy has launched today on Steam for $15 (thanks to Greenlight) and will later arrive on Desura, GamersGate, and GOG.


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