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Shadowrun Returns is Finally Available on Steam

Marcus Estrada

Shadowrun is an incredible sci-fi series that has captivated many since its inception in 1989. From tabletop RPG, novels, trading cards, and video games, there is just no aspect of RPG culture that it had yet to touch. Unfortunately, the video game side of things has been pretty dead for a long time (if you don't count 2007's Shadowrun).


Not counting the PC and 360 version, Shadowrun was last released in 1995 on Sega CD. This game seriously got a foothold in the SNES/Genesis era. Now that Shadowrun Returns is available on PC, it will likely draw a lot of the original fans out of the woodwork.


You can buy Shadowrun Returns for $19.99 or spend $34.99 on the Digital Deluxe Edition. The more expensive version includes the soundtrack which, in case you aren't aware, is scored by the musicians of the original Genesis/SNES titles. Then you'll also get the Shadowrun Returns Anthology which includes 16 short stories and a good deal of concept art.

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