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Skulls of the Shogun Enhanced Edition Coming to Steam

Marcus Estrada

Skulls of the Shogun was a cutesy take on the story of a Japanese samurai who is disgraced in the afterlife. The cartoon-styled strategy game also happened to see exclusive launch on Microsoft devices such as the 360, Windows Phone, and even Windows 8 operating system.


Developer 17-BIT announced today that the game is finally coming to Steam. It won't even require Windows 8 to run! What is best about this addition is that, like many later releases, it is going to be the definitive version to buy. This time around the game has the title Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition and features various enhancements.


The full list of new features can be viewed here and basically entails a new character, new mini-campaign (includes four new levels), six new multiplayer maps, developer commentary, and more. As the game is coming to Steam it also features achievements, Steam Trading Cards, and Steam-supported multiplayer.


Pre-ordering Skulls of the Shogun on Steam gets it 20% off for $11.99 and also grants the player immediate access to the title. Or you can choose to wait for the launch sometime in July and pay $14.99.

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