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Spelunky on the Road to PC Release

Marcus Estrada

Spelunky is a game where you control a small Indiana Jones-like explorer who adventures through randomly-generated caves. It initially came to Windows and Mac PCs but that is not where most people heard of it. Instead, most who have played Spelunky picked it up when an improved version launched on XBLA in 2012.


Today the developer has announced the game is finally coming back to PC. The updated version of Spelunky, which includes multiplayer and more playable characters, will be ported from XBLA back to PCs this Summer. The original game, Spelunky Classic, will remain free after the updated version is made available.


Fans can expect to see Spelunky launch on Steam, GOG, and even the Humble Bundle store soon afterwards. Of course, this isn't the only place the game is seeing a port. The PS3 and Vita are also getting Spelunky around the same time.



Did you play either version of Spelunky?

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