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Spelunky PC Launch Bringing Daily Challenge

Marcus Estrada

Near the start of July it was announced that the Xbox rendition of Spelunky would hit PC on August 8th. A new mode for the game was announced today on Spelunky World. That new mode happens to be called the Spelunky Daily Challenge and it seems it will inject a new degree of competitive fun into the game.


This mode will produce a new randomly generated adventure every day. During that day, everyone who plays will experience the same one. Players then try to survive and accumulate as much wealth as possible before they die. As the Daily Challenge only offers players one life this will be a true test of skills.


Once you're dead you can check out the leaderboard and see who is the winner of each challenge. This new mode will be live when Spelunky launches on Steam and GOG, although you may see popular Let's Players broadcasting the mode starting on July 28th.

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