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SpyParty Early-Access Beta Now Open

Marcus Estrada

SpyParty is one of those indie games that just seems to be in development for years. And in fact, it has been, with many getting their chance to try out builds at events but little else. If you've been wanting to test out your spy savvy then now is finally the chance.


The early-access beta was launched today which gives you the chance to try the game out. It's not free, unfortunately, but paying your way into the beta does secure a completed download of SpyParty whenever it is made available.


There are two payment options available and they include paying $15 or over $50. Most will certainly opt for the initial price range but paying $50 or more helps support the developer in their future endeavors. The price options are described in more detail here and, as of right now, PayPal is the only accepted payment method.

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