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Stardock Brings Economic RTS Offworld Trading Company To Steam Early Access

Jason Clement

Stardock is synonymous with some of the best real-time strategy games in the business (including such hits as the Galactic Civilization and Sins of a Solar Empire series), and now they're looking to change things up further with the genre by introducing an economic-based RTS title.


Enter Offworld Trading Company, where money is your best weapon and defense. The plot sees Earth being tapped out of resources by megacorporations, thus humankind turns its attention to Mars as a lucrative new frontier. You'll buy and sell resources, food, water and more as you attempt to outplay competitors and stay alive, and even make use of market manipulation tactics such as hacking, black-market pirate raids and more.


If that isn't interesting enough for you, the project is being helmed by Mohawk Games, an indie developer being headed up by Chris Sorensen (the lead designer on Civilization IV), who is also joined by Dorian Newcomb (the art director on Civilization IV).


Offworld Trading Company makes its debut on Steam Early Access today, so if you like economics and RTS games, you can check it out here. Also, check out the announcement trailer below.



Source: Press Release


Will you be checking out Offworld Trading Company?

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