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Steam Early Access Adds Three Interesting New Titles

Marcus Estrada

Despite how many games are currently available on Steam Early Access there are always more to come. This week we see the addition of three more games - each with their own unique style and gameplay.


First up is Betrayer by Blackpowder Games. The distinctive black and white visuals play into the story as players must discover what sapped color from the land to begin with. Right now, only an introductory area and a level are included. Players can buy into the beta now for $13.49.


Dream is another game now available thanks to Greenlight and the Early Access program. Right now you can jump into the alpha build, which developer HyperSloth acknowledges is incomplete and has bugs. All the same, it looks like quite the intriguing adventure/puzzle title. Dream is currently $14.99.


Full Mojo Rampage is the final new Early Access game for this week. It's a cartoony, voodoo-themed roguelike. Developer Over the Top Games have committed to bringing out updates for the game every few weeks until it is finally ready. You can buy into it now for $17.99.

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