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Steam Early Access Adds Three New Games

Marcus Estrada

Are you so interested in video games that you need to play ones that aren't even fully released yet? That's where Steam Early Access comes in and it looks to be presenting a constant stream of new games weekly.This week, we're graced with the likes of three new games, as well as the graduation of Electronic Super Joy from Early Access to release!


Insurgency is one of the new Early Access games and looks to already be a fairly polished game. The multiplayer-focused FPS is currently in alpha. Developer New World Interactive is using their spot on Steam to make sure the community's voice is heard in the direction Insurgency is updated. For a few hours more, it can be had for $9.99, which is 50% off.


Might & Magic X - Legacy is one of the first "non-indie" titles available through Early Access. Coming from Ubisoft, this single player turn-based RPG is attempting to call upon old school traditions of the genre. Bugs and balancing issues are the main reason the game isn't complete yet. Players can pick it up for $29.99.


Finally, we've got Sir, You Are Being Hunted which has already drawn a fair bit of interest from gamers. In the game, you are a character being pursued, or hunted, by robots. Their pursuit could be considered silly or scary but overall this seems like a neat new survival game. However, it is a single player only experience. Feel free to jump into Sir's world for $19.99.

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