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Steam Early Access Sings with Electronic Super Joy

Marcus Estrada

Some weeks it seems like zillions of games get their debut on Steam's Early Access program. On other occasions however we see only one or two pop up. For this week, there was only one. However, there were also a few games last week which we did not cover! First, let's take a look at the newest member of the Early Access crew.


Electronic Super Joy is primarily a platformer with emphasis on its electronic soundtrack. With over 45 difficult levels to jump through it seems developer Michael Todd Games is trying to create a new addicting platformer. As of right now they are hoping the Steam Community will help them tweak their product so it is as fun as it is frustrating. Feel free to jump in at the cost of $4.99.


Cannon Brawl arrived on Early Access last week and appears to be channeling Worms as well as tower defense titles. Players fight against each other on a 2D plane, aiming their artillery square at each other. During the alpha they have a single player campaign as well as ranked online mode. You can get into the alpha for $9.99.


Take on Mars is a far different game from the rest of the pack. It gives players control of a Rover Operator on its Mars mission. The game has three main modes which have you work through scenarios, help the space program, or edit your own missions. Right now the game can be had for $12.99.

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