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Steam Weeklong Deals for September 30th to October 7th

Marcus Estrada

Welcome to another week of Weeklong deals on Steam. There were none last week (thanks to their focus on a trio of important announcements) but now we've got another set of games for anyone who had been suffering for sale deficiency. There's also a non-game program available (articy: draft SE) if you're into that.


Here are the various discounted games on Steam this week:

As usual, we've got a good mix of indies across various genres that have been selected. Roguelike fans might want to check out Sword of the Stars: The Pit. Those interested in puzzles might enjoy the super cute Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory. Really, it seems that you could find a lot to grab here, or just wait for new sales to crop up in a week's time.

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