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Teleglitch: Die More Edition Arrives on Steam

Marcus Estrada

This rougelike resurgence in gaming is exciting. All it took were people recognizing that maybe games were becoming easier and a memory of classic games such as Rogue to bring back diabolically tough gameplay. Teleglitch: Die More Edition is the latest game in the roguelike realm and interested parties should definitely pay attention.


Teleglitch is played from a top down shooter perspective and, as is standard of the genre, areas are procedurally generated. You're also forced to contend with the ever-present threat of permanent death. The graphics also happen to be pixel art. Don't let that put you off though as Test3 Projects have managed to make their graphics look distinctively different from most other pixelated titles.


According to the developer, a game of Teleglitch lasts for at least 10 hours. During play you'll come across 40 weapons, 20 enemy types, and 10 levels to explore. You can pick up Teleglitch: Die More Edition right now for $12.99 on Steam. If you do so before July 31st you'll also get a few additional weapons and the original soundtrack.


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