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The Free Bundle #8 is Here to Save Your Wallet

Marcus Estrada

Have you already managed to run low (or completely out) of funds thanks to Steam sales? if you're sad about not being able to get more games then quit your fretting! The 8th Free Bundle has launched which means you can wallow in their free wares rather then finding a way to scrounge up money with Steam Trading Cards or something.


The five included games are:

  • CyberMedic (Windows/Mac)
  • The Last Starfighter (Windows/Mac)
  • Megaman Unlimited (Windows)
  • Perspective (Windows)
  • Space Quest 2 Remake (Windows/Mac)

Of the list, we've got a good deal of more "known" indie games than some past bundles. Perspective is a fun puzzle game that makes players manipulate the camera's perspective to change pathways. Space Quest 2 Remake is, well, a remake of the wonderful 2nd Space Quest game. Then there is Megaman Unlimited which recently came out and should be grabbed quick in case Capcom ever decides it infringes on their rights.

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