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Time Traveling Visual Novel Steins;Gate Getting an Official English Release


Great news for visual novel fans--JAST USA announced at their Anime Expo panel that they are giving the sci-fi time traveling game Steins;Gate an official English release. JAST USA didn't give a set release date, instead saying that the game is coming out 'soon'.


In an interview with Siliconera, JAST USA's founder Peter Payne said that the fans that created the visual novel's partial fan translation would also be working closely with them to polish their original translation and have everything translated for the official release.


Finally, one of the translators had something to say to the fans and to-be-fans of Steins;Gate and the SciADV series:


"There is also a small glimmer of hope for the rest of the SciADV series, 5pb will be watching the sales closely, so if Steins;Gate sells well in the west we may even see the other titles heading our way in the future, I also know that JAST has an interest in Chaos;Head, so it“s up to the consumer to decide the fate of the Science Adventure series."


What to you think of the announcement of this VN fan favorite getting an official English release? Are you going to grab this sci-fi adventure?

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