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TowerFall Goes from Ouya to PC

Marcus Estrada

Although the Ouya may be lacking quality exclusive games, they at least have TowerFall. This game is primarily enjoyed by multiple local players at once where you all square off within a tower. There are platforms to maneuver across as you try to use arrows to shoot at your opponents. Many consider it to be the best title on Ouya.


And, until the developer's latest tweet, it was an Ouya exclusive. Matt Thorson confirmed the game was coming to PC too. He also stated that there will be "a ton of new content!" which is definitely exciting for those who were pining for the ability to play TowerFall.


On the Ouya the game cost $15, although a requisite free demo is also available. So far, Thorson has stated the game will be either $15 or $20, depending on how much he feels the new content is worth. Hopefully we'll see TowerFall again in a few short months!


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