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Twitch Partners Up with Steam

Marcus Estrada

Streaming service Twitch has really come into its own over this last year. The service has been seeing increasing popularity and is even makings its way to upcoming consoles. Today it was announced that Twitch and Steam have made a deal with each other as well.


Unfortunately this deal does not allow you to stream your Steam games or anything like that - yet. What they have agreed to so far is the ability to associate your two accounts together. The example given for this use is that someone can watch a Dota 2 tournament on Twitch and also receive item drops for their Steam game just by watching.


It's an interesting prospect but so far only has an affect with Dota 2. Valve is going to work at increasing the scope of the features. Of course, what players probably want most is a quick and simple way to stream their Steam content. Origin has had built in streaming functionality for a while now, even if it is limited.

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