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Unreal Engine 4 Gets Official Oculus Rift Support

Marcus Estrada

The Oculus Rift is basically a device that allows gamers to strap it to their face and then enter into an exciting 3D space. Unlike other types of 3D technology, having the screens up so close really does help amplify the effect - as long as your eyes can handle it.


Technology like this could bridge the gap that the Virtual Boy had hoped to some twenty years ago. However, the only way it will manage that is if it sees a great deal of support from other companies. This step has been made much easier today thanks to an announcement from Epic Games.


Epic's Unreal Engine now has integrated support for a variety of middleware companies. Although these companies include expected names such as Autodesk and Intel, Oculus VR is also listed. This means any company that licenses Unreal Engine 4 for use will now be able to implement Oculus Rift functionality into their games. They still don't have to, but with the option readily available it may prompt more developers to give it a shot.



Do you want an Oculus Rift or already have one?

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