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Valve Announces Steam Controller

Marcus Estrada

Alright folks, the final big announcement from Valve came today. What did we know prior to this? Simply that each and every announcement would have something to do with the "living room". First, there was Steam OS, and then announcement of Steam Machines to utilize said OS. Now, what can someone do in the living room with a Steam OS-running Steam Machine in their living room?


Obviously they need a controller. Although it probably still support Xbox 360 gamepads, Valve has announced their own controller which will interface especially well with Steam games. This is because it isn't just a knock off of an existing controller but something more creative. The controller has keyboard/mouse mappings by default which means even Steam games without controller support will work. Basically, they won't realize that the controller is even being used.


Most notably, the controller has no joysticks or d-pad at all and instead has two large trackpads on the front. It's certainly odd but we'll have to get it in our hands to see exactly how well that works. There is also a touch screen in the middle a la PS4 or Ouya controllers. Let's hope it's more PS4 than Ouya though. The controller is also open to modification for users who wish to fuss with it.

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