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Valve Announces Steam Machines

Marcus Estrada

On Monday, Valve announced SteamOS. By design, it is meant to be a snazzy Steam-focused operating system for "living room machines". Many predicted today's reveal would be the SteamBox. And in a way, it is! But, just like Gabe Newell has previously stated, there is not just one machine but a whole host coming out.


Valve is creating a prototype themselves, but also allowing various manufacturers to create living room hardware based around SteamOS. A multitude of new Steam Machines should be ready for purchase in 2014.


What if you want a Steam Machine immediately? Well, Valve is set to release 300 prototypes to Steam users for free before this year's end. There's a handful of requirements to be eligible. You need to be a part of the Steam Universe community group, agree to the hardware terms and conditions, have 10 Steam friends, make your Steam profile public, and play a game with gamepad in Steam's Big Picture Mode once.


Got that all done? Make sure you've also checked your eligibility on the badges page. It might be a super unlikely chance to win, but it's fun to try anyway!

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