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Valve Announces SteamOS

Marcus Estrada

Last week, Valve drew a great deal of attention to itself by promoting three announcements on this page. Today, the first reveal of three was unveiled and is SteamOS. If you've paid any attention to what Valve has said over the past year then you were already aware they were working on this, it was just a matter of when and how it could come to fruition.


SteamOS is a Linux-based operating system. It will be free, of course, and is tailored around Steam usage specifically. The creation of SteamOS was spurred similarly to that of Big Picture Mode, because it is tailored for living room TVs. Apparently, there are significant performance increases when running games on SteamOS as opposed to Windows.


You're meant to use it with a living room PC, not necessarily by lugging or connecting your current machine to a special TV. Why? Because of the features SteamOS brings. For one, only with SteamOS will you be able to use in-home streaming. As long as your main gaming PC is running Steam, you can then launch and stream the games to the living room PC and play from there. Family Sharing is also to be integrated, which makes a lot of sense since multiple PCs might have access to Steam within the household. Finally, Valve stated they are bringing "music, TV, and movies" to Steam which could be very interesting.



What do you think about SteamOS? Is it exciting or are you just waiting for the other announcements?

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