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Police Quest Reboot Heading Toward Kickstarter

Marcus Estrada

Police Quest was a Sierra series that never quite had the same following as their other games. King's Quest, Space Quest, and even Leisure Suit Larry had large followings while Police Quest attracted a different brand of player. When the series began in 1987, it was part police simulation wrapped up in an adventure gaming package. Later, the series transitioned into SWAT which was more strategic, and eventually a tactical shooter with the release of SWAT 4.


However, only the first 3 Police Quest titles were produced by Jim Walls. Former officer Walls infused each game with a dose of reality that other games couldn't come close to. Now it seems that Walls has the itch to create a game again. In an interview with the Two Guys from Andromeda, he spoke about Kickstarter and his plans to release a Police Quest project on the site this year.


The Two Guys from Andromeda are themselves from Sierra's heyday and recently funded their SpaceVenture project. It seems that many are attempting to revive past Sierra franchises to the chagrin of that era's adventure game fans. Hopefully when Walls posts his project it will see similar success to his contemporaries such as Al Lowe and Josh Mandel who had their Leisure Suit Larry reboot fully funded.

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