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Portal 2: Songs to Test By Soundtrack Contains Four Discs Full of Portal Goodness


You've probably already downloaded the full Portal 2 soundtrack for free, but wouldn't you prefer a physical collector's edition of the soundtrack? What if it also included the original Portal's music (which was previously unavailable)? Well you're in luck, because Ipecac Recordings and Valve Corporation are releasing a four-disc set of Portal and Portal 2 tracks titled Portal 2: Songs to Test By (Collector's Edition).


Not only are there 77 Portal and Portal 2 tracks in this collector's edition set (you can view the whole track listing by disc under the press release here), but also the mini-comic called "Turret Lullaby" (which is also viewable online).


You can get your hands on a copy of Portal 2: Songs to Test By (Collector's Edition) on October 30th. There is no price listed yet.


Do you enjoy Portal 2's soundtrack? Will you be purchasing this collector's edition that includes music from both Portal and Portal 2?

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