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Project Rap Rabbit doesn't meet Kickstarter goal, is put on hold

Jason Clement

Project Rap Rabbit seemed like a match made in heaven when it was first revealed on Kickstarter, especially with the talent behind rhythm game classics such as Parappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man combining forces to create the game. But alas, it wasn't meant to be.


Today was the last day for the Kickstarter, and it fell short by a significant margin -- even if it did manage to get over $100,000 in pledges. So what happens with development now?


The developer has spoken out on what is presumably their final Kickstarter update for the game, saying that they can't continue with the project due to lack of funding now, so it's effectively on hold for now. However, they did state that due to fan support, their vision for the game hasn't gone unnoticed, though there was no further elaboration on that statement. Is it possible they attracted a publisher who wants to fund the game?


At any rate, that's where things stand with Project Rap Rabbit for now. As for the chances of it seeing the light of day in the future? Anything is possible, but probably don't hold your breath anytime soon.


Source: Kickstarter


Are you disappointed to hear that Project Rap Rabbit didn't meet its Kickstarter goal and is now on indefinite hiatus?

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