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Remember Me Trailer Reveals June 4th Release Date

Marcus Estrada

Do you remember Remember Me? The game initially saw a burst of interest when it was revealed during Gamescom as the re-branded version of Adrift. The game's concept of heading into people's memories and manipulating them drew players in. Since then, there have been bits of information, but nothing too substantial.


We should expect that to change in the coming months as we now have a release date. Remember Me will be coming on June 4th (as long as no delays crop up). The game will come to Europe a few days later on June 7th. As such, we should begin to see the media machine churning out information and videos on the game in increased amounts until then.


Remember Me is coming to PS3, 360, and PC. There has been no mention to it coming to other systems such as PS4 or Wii U. Check out the latest trailer below:


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