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Rockman Xover is a Mega Man... Social Game

Marshall Henderson

Ready your mitts, 'cause a new Mega Man game is soon to be ready to drop into the hungry, grubby hands of the unwashed masses, in the form of the iOS title Rockman Xover. A crossover (or Xover) of the games in franchise, but with a bit of a twist?


I can hear you celebrating a return to form for our favorite Blue Bomber, quit it. It isn't what one might expect. Instead of playing the all-too-familiar character, players create their own "production model" character. Screenshots imply some side-scrolling, but at its core, it's more an RPG-esque social game. Yeah.


Players will travel through missions, beating up bad guys and collecting "battle memory" to improve their powers and stuff. "Battle memory" sounds like something from Mega Man Battle Network, but it's likely more similar to normal Mega Man shenanigans, so we'll see.


Some screenshots are below for you to decide for yourself what you think! It's not stateside yet, but The Mega Man Network says that the plan is that it will be soon.


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