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Rumor: Goofy's Voice Actor Says Kingdom Hearts III To Release in 2015

Jason Clement

Given the long-winded nature of development on Tetsuya Nomura's games, it would seem to the regular fan that Kingdom Hearts III's release is still a way's off (at least another year or two), but according to Bill Farmer (Goofy's voice actor in the game), the much anticipated title may be closer to releasing than you think.


Farmer mentioned on Twitter that Kingdom Hearts III would release in 2015, and after being pressed by a fan, he mentioned that that's what Square Enix keeps telling him. What's interesting about this is that he responded more than once about this to different fans, so it would seem he seems pretty certain about this.


However, it's worth noting that, even with Farmer's quotes, a release in 2015 is far from confirmed at this point. Square Enix has yet to make an official announcement regarding the game's release, and while it's possible they may have projected for it to release in 2015 at some point, it could also just as easily (and very likely) be pushed back.

In any case, take this with a grain of salt since it isn't official, but you can check out the Twitter exchange here.


Source: kh13.com, @GoofyBill (via Twitter)


Do you think Farmer could be right? Might we see Kingdom Hearts III in 2015 after all?

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