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Rumor: PS4 Priced Cheaper Than PS3?

Marcus Estrada

It's time to don your tinfoil hats once again as yet another rumor about Sony's upcoming system has gotten out. This time it's not about system specs, used games, or even a new controller design. Instead, it is the still tasty rumor of a price for the system.


This latest rumor comes thanks to TheTimes.co.uk, an extension of The Times, a U.K. newspaper. They have not gone so far as to say this is 100% true but that "industry sources and leaked internal documents suggest" the price they've heard is correct. And what is said price? £300, or $465, for those of us wanting to see the conversion.


Although systems are given their own prices per region, it would not be so far off to imagine a new home system costing somewhere between $400-$500. The PS3 famously launched at a price poitns of $499/$599, which was deemed too high at the time by many. Perhaps Sony have learned their lesson from that. Or perhaps this information is bogus and Sony will not reveal the actual price for months. If anything, we may just be lucky enough to hear a price point during tomorrow's PlayStation event.

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