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Saints Row IV Collector's Edition Goodies to be Selected by Gamers

Marcus Estrada

Saints Row IV was announced last week by new owner Deep Silver. Alongside the news was a trailer and release date of August 20th. With the game fairly near to release, Deep Silver has now decided to turn to the community. What do you want in a Saints Row IV Collector's Edition? The choice is up to you.


A survey is currently live which lets anyone hop in and select what items they'd like to see in such an edition as well as rank how much they want each one. Perhaps Deep Silver is outsourcing these choices to gamers themselves to avoid the disaster that was Dead Island's Zombie Bait Edition. There's a great deal of choice in possible trinkets.


There are standards like steelboxes, concept art books, and character figures as choices. For some reason an auto-tune device is also listed despite that already being available with the Saints Row: The Third Special Edition. Other baubles listed include a belt buckle, cloth map, wooden cigar box, and "ridiculously amazing glass display case with lights."



Do you think more companies should let gamers have a hand in choosing collector's goodies?

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