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Saints Row IV Special Edition Gets Weird

Marcus Estrada

If there's one things fans have come to expect from the Saints Row series it is that the game never holds back. Everything is amped up from game to game and we can only wonder as to how much further Saints Row IV may go than its predecessors. At the very least, we can now be assured of this special edition being the strangest of the lot so far.


The special edition is titled Saints Row IV: The Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition. It includes a foot long replica of the Dub Step gun which plays sounds akin to what it does in game. Also included is a doomsday button replica and 8" Johnny Gat statue. Beyond these tangible oddities, all pre-order DLC is also included.


Interestingly, these bonuses were definitely pulled from the survey held a while back to ask fans what they wanted from the next Saints Row special edition. They listened to fans - but will fans now accept the collectibles? It costs $100 to nab the unusual assemblage of items when Saints Row IV launches on August 20th.

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