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Sega Finally Re-Enters the Console Race With the Dreamcast Lucid

Jordan Haygood

It's been 14 long years since gaming giant Sega released their last console, the Sega Dreamcast, and gamers everywhere have been wishing for them to jump back into the game and release a new console. But the possibility has been extremely unlikely, and the chance of Sega coming back into the console market has declined with every passing year…


Until now. Earlier today, Sega president Naoya Tsurumi made a surprising announcement:


“When we first shifted over to being a third-party developer, it was always our intention to shift back when the time was right. Now, that time has come. This holiday season, alongside Sony“s and Microsoft“s new consoles, Sega will be re-entering the console market with our first new console in over a decade – The Dreamcast Lucid.â€


Shortly after the announcement, the console“s official logo was revealed:




No console was shown and no specs were released, but Tsurumi promises an in-depth presentation at this year“s E3 that is sure to change the way we think about gaming.


Are you excited to see Sega finally re-entering the console market? Will you be purchasing a Dreamcast Lucid when it launches this holiday season?

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