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Shovel Knight: King of Cards, Showdown, and more receive one last delay before release

Jason Clement

Though Yacht Club Games originally were planning to release their final Shovel Knight campaign, King of Cards, along with Shovel Knight: Showdown (the multiplayer competitive mode), an amiibo 3-pack (featuring King Knight, Plague Knight, and Specter Knight), and a physical version of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (the complete collection of every piece of Shovel Knight content in one package) on April 18, the indie developer has now announced one last delay for all of the content.


The reason for this is because the team needs more time to polish off the gameplay and make sure everything is in tip-top shape before they're satisfied with the final result. As for the amiibo, Yacht Club Games mentioned that their functionality is tied to the launch of King of Cards, which means it only makes sense to release them when that campaign is ready to go.


Due to all of this, Yacht Club Games is not announcing a new release date until they're certain of it, but insist that the delay should only push the release back several months.


Here are a few other interesting tidbits that the team revealed:


  • A new screenshot showcasing King of Cards reveals a brand new side-character named 'Traitorus,' who happens to be King Pridemoor's former advisor.
  • Another King of Cards screen reveals what the world map looks like; quite a bit different from Shovel of Hope's.
  • A new story screenshot shows Specter Knight rushing off to confront The Enchantress.
  • King of Card's levels are shorter than previous Shovel Knight levels but are more numerous (with more than 30).
  • At one point, Yacht Club wasn't sure if King Knight would fit on the 3DS due to his size, but that problem has since been solved.
  • Words of Magic and 8-4 Games have helped translate the game into 9 languages now.


In the meantime, stay tuned for a final release date for the rest of Shovel Knight's upcoming content.


Source: Yacht Club Games

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