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Shovel Knight Reaches Kickstarter Funding Goal

Marcus Estrada

If you somehow missed out on the launch of Shovel Knight on Kickstarter then let's go over some of the basics. This is a game which gained interest due both to its name but also the people behind it. The studio, Yacht Club Games, is comprised of many from WayForward. Of course, WayForward is known for having put their stamp on many games recently (Adventure Time DS, Double Dragon: Neon, DuckTales Remastered).


The game itself takes on an 8-bit aesthetic and features a knight with shovel for a weapon. Yacht Club Games were asking $75,000 for their game and reached it easily. With twelve days to go, they have begun whittling away at stretch goals. So far, one stretch goal has been reached which simply adds a an in-game sound test mode like many retro games had.


Other stretch goals that will probably be met in time are ones for achievements, a new game plus mode, and playable boss knight. There are twelve days left to go for Shovel Knight so you can still jump in and back the project. A $10 pledge is rewarded with a PC download of the game. Shovel Knight is coming to PC, 3DS, and Wii U.

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