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Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Theatrical Trailer is Out

Marcus Estrada

The trend to make movie adaptations of much loved games and series' seems like it's never going to stop. The latest film in this section of Hollywood productions is Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. It comes some years after the original Silent Hill film's release back in 2006. Despite the big gap in time, Revelation is coming out this year and has an official trailer to back it up.



The film is a continuation of the first, working mostly as an adaptation of Silent Hill 3. For those who haven't played the series, Silent Hill and Silent Hill 3 are the only games in the series which are connected to each other (with Shattered Memories being a reimagining of the first). As the first movie was based off the first game, it makes sense why the film sequel cribs off the third game.


As certain parts of the original narrative were changed in the first movie, other things will also have to be different about this film. By just watching the trailer though any fan of Silent Hill 3 will see it's already quite different, such as featuring a new lead aside Heather. Also, Pyramid Head is making a return although how much of a part he'll play is completely unknown. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D will be out for Halloween so you've got time to play through the game beforehand!



How do you feel about video game movies? Do you have a favorite?

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