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SimCity 5 In Detail

Jordan Haygood

As you may remember, we recently showed off some screenshots of a supposed SimCity 5, along with a few minor details, all of which were taken from the German magazine GameStar. But those details were minor, as the GameStar article was...you know...in German.


However, our good friends over at IGN were kind enough to translate the article into English, so we now know a little more about the game, which will apparently be called nothing more than SimCity. A reboot, perhaps?


According to the article, the game will bring the series through a variety of changes. One change will make it possible to place curved roads, which would make your cities look a bit more natural and a bit less grid-like. Another change is the elimination of the fixed viewpoint, instead allowing players to move the camera around as they please..


Speaking of which, whenever you zoom in or out, the audio changes accordingly. For example, when you zoom in, the goings-on of the city gets louder. But if you zoom out, the audio gets quieter and more peaceful.


While the leaked screenshots of SimCity may look good, those are only concepts. But the visuals of the game are still said to have great levels of detail, including small things like signs and fliers. You can also watch as the citizens of your city walk around as they go through their daily routines, or even do things like protesting when something happens that they don't like. You can even tell when parts of your city need maintenance by keeping an eye on the visuals of each individual building.


There are also greater levels of detail when it comes to gameplay. For instance, buildings will progress over time, gaining certain upgrades that allow them to perform better. One example of this would be the ability to extinguish fires quicker by upgrading your fire station.


Another change is the elimination of those confusing charts and graphs you're always left trying to solve just to keep track of your city's progress. Instead, you get modernized infographics that are a little easier to understand.


In our last SimCity scoop, we mentioned how much better the multiplayer is supposed to be. But how is it, exactly? Well, for one, you'll apparently be able to trade resources online with friends by way of land, sea, or sky. You know, just like in real life. And thanks to the inclusion of online play, you will also be able to check where your city stands in various categories via leaderboards.


If what we hear is true, then SimCity is bound for a 2013 release date. But since the article isn't exactly 100% official, our best bet is to wait for more info. But seeing how EA and Maxis' GDC event takes place on March 6th, we may indeed hear more about this game before you know it.


Do these details intrigue you? Are you excited to hear more about the game?


Source: IGN

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