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Skyward Collapse Coming to Steam Tomorrow

Marcus Estrada

Arcen Games, known best for titles such as AI War: Fleet Command and A Valley Without Wind, are just about to release their latest game. This is pretty exciting considering their last title, Shattered Haven, launched just this March. The company is returning to the strategy genre with Skyward Collapse.


In Skyward Collapse, players will take god game-style control over the continent of Luminith. Unlike other games of this type, players can create gods and creatures to place in the world but cannot actually control them once they're out. The task then becomes keeping a balance between warring factions without one decimating the other.


This may seem a bit challenging, which is why there are multiple difficulties available for each type of gamer. Those interested should be aware that Skyward Collapse is out tomorrow via Steam as well as the official Arcen Games website. It will be DRM free through them, but of course that's not the case with Steam.


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