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Some Of Dead Or Alive 5's Premium Swimsuits Are "Censored"


Over the past few days some eagle eyed gamers who we will not judge spotted something odd about the premium swimsuit costumes that are included with every copy of the Dead or Alive 5: Collector's Edition. Namely, some of their underoos had been altered into a slightly more family friendly look.


At least as family friendly as you can get with scantily clad women beating the bejesus out of each other. The two characters to suffer these horrible clothing altering indignities were none other than Leifang and Lisa. As you can see from the image below, Leifang's costume was changed from a g-string into a normal bikini bottom, and Lisa's strange butt crack costume was raised a bit to remove said butt crackification.




"I will not stand for this!" yelled the man sitting awkwardly.



While these changes aren't major in any way shape or form, some communities have been a bit upset about these revelations. They aren't entirely up in arms though seeing as Helena somehow emerged from this "controversy" with her butt floss intact, but this begs the question. Why did she keep hers while the other girl's were changed?

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