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Sonic Adventure 2 and Nights into Dreams are Available Digitally Today

Marcus Estrada

Today Sega has launched both Sonic Adventure 2 and Nights into Dreams on the PlayStation Network (they are coming to XBLA on the 5th). These games are both remastered in HD and also include the expected Trophies and Achievements and the two classic Sega games will set you back $10 each.


For Sonic Adventure 2, if you want to experience Battle Mode that is included as a $3 piece of DLC. This might seem a cash grab at first although fans may be pleased to know it comes with the additional characters and maps from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on GameCube. For those interested in Nights, it also comes with an extra. The game will come with the Christmas Nights content which was only released as a promotional item in the past.


Are you a PC gamer disheartened by the lack of Nights or Sonic Adventure 2 on your system? PC versions of both games are coming but no date has been announced yet. The estimate is to get them out in a few months. At least we can expect this to happen since previous Sega Dreamcast games have made it onto the PC platform, such as Space Channel 5.


Here's a trailer Sega released to promote both titles:




Are you a fan of these Sega properties? Which Dreamcast or Saturn game would you like to see available again?

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